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Letter to the Editor 1/28/10 in D+C. Maybe a touch testy. I was still pissed about our corporate lapdog supreme court when I wrote it.

Progressives ought to fear high court

To every liberal geek who wants Obama to do more for their cause, remember one thing: It's the Supreme Court, stupid. If you have an ounce of progressive bone in your body, you should be afraid of this young, activist conservative Supreme Court.

Be very afraid and stop whining about your immediate needs. Yes, the country would be better off with gays openly serving in the military, justice for immigrants and health care for all, but 30 percent of the country doesn't want it and they know how to convince those that call themselves independents to vote against progress when it conflicts or distracts from their immediate gratification.

The election of another reactionary president in 2012 will cement in a larger conservative majority on the court determined to empower a right-wing corporate and religious state. Put the country's future first for once. Think long term and let Obama be Obama. He's probably smarter and certainly knows better than you how to make things happen in government. He got elected president (for crying out loud*).


*they cut the "for crying out loud" out of the original. Curious, I thought.






July 30, 2008

March 20, 2008

November 22, 2007


Unpublished First Letter to
D+C June 2006
Re: Saturday’s O’Reilly, “Estate Tax is lefts way” and Ramirez Cartoon Monday 6/12/06.

A common theme has run over the weekend and Monday in the D+C that somehow the estate tax is unfair to rich people. O’Reilly says paying taxes while we live “isn’t enough for the far left. They want half our stuff after we die.” The Ramirez cartoon Monday implies the estate tax is tantamount to taking the t-shirt off a guy’s back

So let me get this straight, a normal worker pays taxes on every dollar of what is likely a million or two of income over a lifetime to pay for interstate highways, security, and other necessary public services (a bit more than a “lousy t-shirt”) while a member of the lucky genetic club never has to work a day, pays not a penny in tax for his or her inheritance windfall but receives the same pubic service as free lunch compliments of O’Reilly-Ramirez and company.

Repealing the estate tax permanently is grossly unfair to middle class working families. If believing that makes me a “far leftist” as Mr. O’Reilly states, I wear the leftist badge proudly.

Unpublished (I think) in
Wall Street Journal|
December 2005

Re Mary Anastasia O’Grady, Counting Castro’s Victims

Ms. O’Grady does an interesting job exploring the underbelly of the Castro regime’s five plus decades of abuses and victims citing mostly stats from a presumably objective study by “The Cuba Archive project.” I wonder if she ever considered what a similar foreign study of the various US governments during the same period might look like from “The USA Archive” documenting any and all crimes committed in the name of protecting the homeland and its various political and business interests. Let me remind Ms. O’Grady we were still hanging 15 year old black boys in the 50s for whistling at white women and have done a pretty good job ourselves with revolutionary and counterrevolutionary adventures abroad over the last 50 years.



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