Stan's Resume

Speed Hump Pictures

WARM 101.3

Fickle 933

Stan is the Operations Manager for Stephen's Media Group in Rochester, NY. He manages the programming for WRMM, WARM 101.3/WFKL, Fickle 93.3.

Stan works on films and videos for his motion picture company, Speed Hump Pictures.

Stan founded and Chaired Rochester Movie Makers from 2007-2015. The group has now rebranded at the Rochester Association for Film Arts and Sciences

Stan has been active with Compeer for over 30 years serving on the board and voluteering with inner city youth for decades.

Stan has completed training for Hillside Foster Care Respite service and hopes to share his small farm in Churchville with inner city youth.

Stan Main for Town Board, Riga, New York

Stan is running for town board in Riga, New York. Stan is has lived in Monroe county for over 20 years, residing in Rochester, Brighton, and now Churchville, since 2015.

Stan is a progressive pragmatist. He LOVES that he has moved to the lowest taxed town in Monroe County. Stan believes he can help provide balance on a town board that has been ruled by one party for a long time.

Stan believes Riga is well run and would like to make sure the town board is balanced.

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